New Neighbor

Lade opened the refrigerator for the fourth time that afternoon, everything was the same as the other three times she checked. Lade put her hand on her growling stomach, she needed to find something to eat but she was too lazy to cook anything and also too lazy to go get something to eat.

She went back to her room, grabbed her phone and wrote send food on her WhatsApp status. Lade sighed and dropped her phone, she knew no one was going to send food. Her stomach growled again and this time louder. She jumped off the bed and made her way out of the house. She preferred the option of going to buy food than actually preparing the food. She hated cooking.

It was four forty-five pm, the sun was still out but the weather was cool. Lade lived in a residential gated community, it was always very quiet, the most noise they heard in the neighborhood came from generators or church speakers that were outside but close to the community. But today was different, Lade could hear a couple of people talking outside, she could also hear music. She stepped outside and saw a bunch of people right outside her gate. There were about four girls and two guys, one of the girls was a few feet away from the rest, she was on the phone and Lade heard her say “we are outside your gate.” Lade was confused because they were right outside her gate and she didn’t have any neighbors, so who was she talking to?

A few of them noticed her and smiled at her, she smiled back. Just as she was about to ask what was going on, the gate of the house that was opposite hers was flung open and out came the goth dude that moved in a few days ago. The dude, who Lade referred to as Darth Vader, moved in a couple of days ago. He didn’t come with much, Lade only saw him take in a couch, a tv and a box which Lade assumed contained the rest of his Darth Vader costume. He was dressed in all black that day and every other day Lade had seen him. He had on a black bucket hat, black long sleeved shirt and black jeans that was a little too tight. Lade was in her room that day when her mom yelled for her to come see the new neighbor. They had both watched from the living room window as he single handedly moved his things into the house.

Now he was dressed in shorts and and short sleeved shirt that had the words Soro soke written on it. He walked up to them and started shaking hands with the others as Lade looked on.

“That’s my house,” he said as he pointed to his building. “Just follow the music.” They all nodded and started walking into the house. Lade swallowed a laugh, hearing his voice was a shock to her. His voice was quite silvery for someone who looked like Darth Vader. When the last person entered into the house, he turned to Lade and stretched out his hand.

“Hi, I am Athena.”

Lade took his hand and shook it “Hi, I am Lade”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too”

They let go off each other’s hand as an awkward silence descended on them. Then Lade broke the silence “Isn’t Athena the name of a girl?”

There was no answer.

“Omg! Are you a girl? You are a girl!” Lade blurted.

“The last time I checked, yes.”

“Oh damn! I thought you were a dude.”

“I get that a lot.”

Lade studied Athena, she wondered how she could have missed the fact that Athena is a woman not a man. She was about six feet tall, she had tattoos on her arm and the base of her neck, she had a nice haircut with some patterns carved in, and now that she was standing so close, Lade could make out the outline of her boobs. They were small and really easy to miss if you weren’t looking.

“I feel so stupid, I am sorry I thought you were a dude.”

“You don’t have to apologize. Like I said, I get that a lot.” Someone else arrived and walked straight to them. Athena shook their hand and pointed to her house. “So, I just moved in a few days ago and I am throwing a little housewarming party for my friends. Would you like to come?”

“Hmmm, I am really awkward at parties, I don’t know anyone there so I think I’ll pass.”

“You know me now” Athena shrugged “I promise you you’ll have fun, everyone in there is cool plus I think I ordered way too much food and I’ll need all the help I can get to get rid of it.”

The mention of food caught Lade’s interest. Her stomach growled again and she looked at Athena to see if she heard. If she did, she didn’t show it. Bikes were not allowed in their community and the thought of walking all the way to get food then walking all the way back was what discouraged Lade from going out in the first place. She decided to accept Athena’s invitation to the party. Her plan was to be as inconspicuous as possible, eat to her fill and leave without anyone noticing.

“Alright. But I can’t stay for too long, my folks will be back soon.”

Athena nodded and led the way to her house. Her house had three flats, one was a three bedroom, the other was a two bedroom while the last was a loft. The first two flats were in front while the loft was at the back. The loft was Athena’s.

They went in and found the people Lade met earlier, drinking, eating and smoking. There were just seven plus Lade and Athena making them nine. The loft was pretty big and beautifully designed. The large tv was hanging on the wall and behind it was the most beautiful painting Lade had ever seen, it was abstract but Lade could still make out the naked women in the painting. It covered the entire wall. It was more like a backdrop.

The couch was facing the tv and so were about three lawn chairs. There was a coffee table in the middle , it was Atlas holding what seemed to be only the bottom half of earth. And on top of the Atlas coffee table was a small sculpture of Athena, the goddess of war. Aside the coffee table, backdrop painting and the goddess, everything else looked normal. The kitchen had red aesthetic, there was a staircase that led to what Lade assumed was Athena’s room.

Lade was still taking everything in when Athena handed her a drink.

“What do you think of the place?”

“It’s interesting, I like it.”

“Nice. Let me introduce you”

Athena introduced her to all seven of her guests. They all knew each other and she was the only stranger there. After the introduction, Athena told her to help herself with whatever she wanted. Lade went to the kitchen to help herself. She was starving and wanted to eat everything in sight but she didn’t want to disgrace herself so she picked up a pack of small chops and added two pepper turkeys. She looked up and saw everyone talking and laughing, no one was looking towards the kitchen . She quickly grabbed another pack of small chops, poured the content into the first pack, threw the empty pack in the bin and went to sit with the rest.

Lade ate as she listened to them talk about things and people she didn’t know about. From what she gathered, they’ve all been friends for years and years. Some of them were drunk and some were high. Lade finished her food and was going to drop the dish in the kitchen but Athena offered to help.

When Athena got back, she offered Lade a joint.

“Oh thanks, but no. I’ll just get hungry again.”

“Well that’s great then, cos I still have a lot of food in the kitchen.”

Lade smiled and accepted the joint. They started to talk about things Lade was familiar with and she gave her opinion whenever they asked for it. There was a lot of laughter and fun arguments. She was glad she came because she was having fun. There was a moment when no one was talking and they were all just smoking and listening to music. Two of the girls that Athena had introduced as Chi and Rebekka, suddenly started to make out. Immediately they started making out, the rest of them turned to look at Lade.

Lade was confused, she didn’t know what was going on, why were they all looking at her like that? She wondered.

“Don’t worry guys, she is cool.” Athena assured.

They all went back to smoking, using their phones, drinking while Chi and Rebekka continued making out. After a while, at about nine-thirty, they all decided that it was time to go home. They walked outside together and started saying their goodbyes and talking about how they had a nice time and how they should get together again soon.

Athena and Lade watched them drive off then Athena turned to Lade.

“Thank you for coming, I hope you had fun.”

“I did, thank you for inviting me.”

“Alright. I have to go clean up, I am so tired, I just want to go to bed.”

“I can help you clean up.”

“You don’t have to, it’s late , you should go home.”

“My house is literally right there, it’s not like I have to drive home. Let me help you clean, it’s the least I can do”

“If you insist.”

They both went back inside and started cleaning up. Lade was putting things in a bin bag while Athena swept. After they finished with the living room, they went to the kitchen and started doing the dishes silently. They were almost done when Lade broke the silence.

“The other time, what did you mean when you told the others I was cool?”

“I needed them to know that you’re not trouble.”

“Oh. What do you mean by that?”

Athena placed the plate she was holding in the dish rack and faced Lade. “Do you know why they were looking at you?” Lade shook her head “it’s because Chi and Rebekka started making out and since this is their first time meeting you, they wanted to be sure you are not some homophobic dimwit that is going to call the cops on them”

“Oh!” Lade exclaimed “ I actually thought I was about to find myself in an orgy”

Athena laughed and they continued with the dishes.

“So how did you know I was cool”

“You are queer aren’t you?”

Lade paused for a moment before asking “how did you know?”

“My gaydar never fails” Athena said proudly.”

“Are you gay?”

“Yes I am. Are you gay or bi?”

“Gay” Lade replied in a voice so low she was sure Athena didn’t hear.

They continued to wash the dishes in silence until they were done.

“Is that all?” Lade asked,

“Yes. Thank you so much, if you didn’t help out, this would have taken more time than it did.”

“You are welcome.”

“Would you like a tour before you leave?”

Lade wasn’t sure what to answer to that. She could see everywhere from where she stood. The loft was big, but not that big. The only place she couldn’t see from where she stood, was the bedroom. Why would she want to show me her bedroom? Was she planning anything? Should I tell her I have a girlfriend?

“Yes please” Lade blurted.

“Ok. This is the kitchen” they stepped into the living “this is the living room” Athena started to go up the stairs and Lade followed closely behind “and this is my bedroom” Athena said as the got to the top of the stairs.

The bedroom looked like it belonged to someone else, everything was white. The wall was painted white, the bedsheets were white, the fur carpet, the wardrobe was also white.

“Wow, I really expected everything in here to be the blackest black I’ve ever seen”

Athena chuckled “My favorite colors are black and white, I love to wear black but I love white aesthetic. The living room is still that god awful blue color cos I’ve not had time to repaint.”

Lade nodded and took everything in. There was a smaller version of the painting in the living room hanging over the bed. There were also other paintings of naked women all around the room. Lade noticed the color palette and easel at the corner of the room.

“Did you paint these?”

Athena nodded.

“Wow! You are really good at this.”


Then Lade noticed the cuffs that were attached to the poles of the bed but pretended not to see it.

“Thanks for the tour, you have a lovely home.”

“You are welcome and thank you. I’ll walk you to your house.”

Athena walked Lade to her gate, they exchanged contacts and said their goodbyes.

A week went by and Lade didn’t see Athena. She thought about texting her but decided against it. Lade worked from home so she hardly left the house. But she had been leaving the house a lot lately in hope of running into Athena. She didn’t really go anywhere, she just walked around aimlessly before returning home. She did this for three days but she didn’t run into Athena. Two weeks exactly after the party, Lade’s girlfriend had just dropped her off a few houses away from her house and she was walking home when she saw looked up and saw Athena taking out the trash.

“Hey there.”

Athena smiled “Hey to you too”

“How have you been? You have not come out in a while.”

Athena raised her eyebrow “How did you know that, are you stalking me?”

“No…I…I mean….” Lade stuttered.

“I was just pulling your legs. I have been busy with work. That’s why I have not been outside or even texted you.”

“Oh cool. What do you do?”

“I code.” A gust of wind went by and Athena wrapped her hands around herself. She was wearing a tank top that was exposed on both sides, underneath she had on a sports bra and she was wearing black sweatpants. “Why didn’t your ride drop you here?”

“That’s my girlfriend, I am not out to anyone yet and I don’t want them to get suspicious.”

“Oh, I understand.” Athena hugged herself tighter “it’s cold out here, I am about to crack open a bottle of wine and finish a painting I am working on. If you are not tired you could join me.”

“Sure, let me just change into something more comfortable and I’ll join you.”


Lade went into her house to change into something more comfortable and was knocking on Athena’s door a few minutes later. She was dressed in sweatshirt and shorts. Athena let her in and they both sat down on the couch. There was a canvas and a paint palette in the middle of the living room and in front of it was a high stool. Athena poured her a glass of four cousins. The tv was on and Netflix was asking the usual ‘are you still watching” question.

“What show were you watching?”

“Feel good. I heard it’s a great show. I just started, would you like to watch it with me?”

Lade nodded.

Athena played the show and they started watching it. After a while, Athena got up and went back to painting. Lade stole glances at her. Since Lade found out she was a woman not a man, she had started to notice her feminine features. Features like her boobs, her lips and the way she walks. Athena was not too focused on the painting, she would occasionally take a break and focus on the movie. After a while, Lade got up and walked up to Athena. The painting was already half way done, Lade could see a naked lady with her legs wide open and her hands cuffed.

“Why naked women? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I think the body of a woman is sacred, in tuned with nature. There is something spiritual and powerful about the body of a woman. Not only is it sacred, it is a work of art and painting it makes me happy and calm.”

“Wow! That’s something.”

Lade watched her paint for a while then went back to the movie. Athena finished with the painting, packed up her painting tools and joined Lade on the couch.

After that day, they started chatting often and Lade spent more time at Athena’s than she did in her house. Athena told her she could pop by anytime which Lade did.

One day, after dinner, Lade decided to visit Athena. She had visited her so much that she no longer needed to call before showing up and she didn’t even knock sometimes, she just went in. Athena had shown Lade where she kept the key just in case she wasn’t home and Lade needed a quiet place to work. Lade’s family didn’t respect the working from home idea. Sometimes, Lade would be on a work call and someone in the house would be yelling for her. So most times, when she needed the quiet, she would go to Athena’s place. But she only used the key once and that was the day she found out Athena’s door would sometimes stick and Athena is the only one who knows the trick to make it unstick. She finished her work and had to wait till eleven pm when Athena got home.

Lade got to the front of Athena’s door and turned the door knob. It was locked. So she took the key from where Athena kept it, unlocked the door and went inside. She was with her laptop even tho she didn’t have to do any work. They wanted her to make dinner so she lied that she had a work call and left the house.

Lade entered the house and immediately knew she was not alone. There were two wine glasses on the coffee table, one was empty and the other was half full. Then she heard moaning coming from upstairs.

“Oh shit!” Lade turned to leave but the door was jammed. “Jesus fucking christ!” she whispered. She tried opening the door but it would not budge. Lade knew she was trapped, there was no way out. She started pacing, thinking of what to do. The moaning was getting louder, Lade tried to cover her ears but it was of no use. The moaning just got louder and louder. There were two people moaning so Lade knew Athena was up there with someone.

Should she let them know she is here? Or should she just stay quiet and let them finish? Both options were terrible. But she chose to go with the latter. She sat down and listened on as they moaned, cussed and screamed. Athena’s voice sounded different, it was hoarse and demanding. At a point Lade started hearing a strange sound followed a voice yelling “harder.” Lade paid close attention and realized that the strange sound was the sound of a whip.

“Fuck me mistress!” The voice screamed

“Louder slut!”

“Fuck me harder mistress.”

Lade was listening very attentively, she was intrigued and didn’t even realize that her hand was now rubbing her breast. When she noticed, she took her hand off and put them between her thighs. That was when she noticed that she was wet. Listening to Athena have sex was making her horny, she had never done the bondage/dominatrix thing but hearing it first hand made her wish she was at the receiving end of that whip.

They continued fucking for like another twenty minutes, the words slut, whore, slave, mistress were flying around. Lade was now beyond wet and she had started touching herself.

“Is my slave ready?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Get ready for your punishment. Now repeat after me, I am a bad slave and I deserve to be punished.”

“I am a bad slave and I deserve to be punished” she said meekly.

Smack smack smack

Lade heard what sounded like slaps. She stopped touching herself and listened harder. She heard the voice call to her mistress to go harder. The smacking increased and so did the moaning.

“I am cumming mistress! I am cumming”

Lade resumed touching herself, she was so wet she could feel her shorts getting soaked.

As the voice screamed “harder mistress” Lade rubbed her clit faster. The voice once again started to scream “I am cumming mistress” and just as she finally did, she let out a very shrill cry and it was at that moment that Lade also orgasmed.

Lade was unable to move, she laid there and tried to catch her breath. She could hear the shower running upstairs. She remained there for a few more minutes until she heard the shower go off. She immediately got up and ran to the door. Athena and her guest came down the stairs and were shocked to see her.

“Hi” Lade said awkwardly.

“Did you just get here?”

Lade nodded.

Athena raised her brow but said nothing.

“I didn’t know you had a guest, I’ll just leave. I’ll see you later.”

“Oh don’t worry, I was just leaving” the lady said.

Lade had seen her face before, she was in one of the paintings in Athena’s room.

Lade stepped away from the door, Athena tried to open it but it was stuck so she rammed her shoulder into the door and it opened. The lady left and Athena closed the door.

“Are you sure you just got here?”

“Yes, I had just come in when you guys started coming down the steps” Lade replied while avoiding eye contact.

“If that is so then why are you over here and your laptop is over there?”

Lade blushed. She had completely forgotten about her laptop, she dropped it on the coffee table earlier.

“Ok, don’t be mad. I came in a while ago. I thought you were not home so I took the key and let myself in. I tried to go back once I heard that you had a guest but the door was stuck so I could not leave” Lade explained.

Athena did not say anything

“Are you mad?”

“No I am not mad. Sorry you had to sit through all that”

“Pfft I barely heard a thing” Athena laughed. “ I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.”

“She is not my girlfriend, she is just my friend.”

“Ok. How did you guys get in?”

“We used her key.”

“That’s some friend, she even has a key.”

Athena looked at her “are you jealous? You sound jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous? I have a girlfriend.” Lade said, defensively.

They chatted about random things for a few minutes before Lade went home.

That night, Lade dreamt about Athena. She was cuffed to Athena’s bed and Athena was fucking her brains out.

After that night, Lade would constantly dream about Athena fucking her. She started to spend less time at Athena’s because being close to her made things worse for Lade. She wanted to be fucked by Athena so bad, any time they were together, Lade would get so horny. There were occasions where Athena would be talking to her but she would be day dreaming about them fucking and end up missing half of the conversation.

Three weeks after the incident, Lade got back from a date with her girlfriend, JT, she had insisted that JT drop her at the community gate because she wanted to walk home. As she slowly walked home, she thought about going to Athena’s and begging her to fuck her. She couldn’t get her out of her head and it was becoming something else. Earlier that day while she and JT were having sex, she made a suggestion that they role play. She told JT to be Athena the goddess of war while she would take on the role of a mortal. It was going well and Lade was screaming Athena at the top of her lungs. Then she took it up a notch and told her girlfriend to call her a slut and a slave. But she declined and ended everything immediately.

Now Lade was thinking of going to meet the real Athena and beg to be fucked by her. She got to Athena’s front door and saw a do not disturb sign. Lade knew Athena’s friend was back again and they were having steamy sex that Athena was supposed to be having with her. She tried to see if she could listen and touch herself, but the door was soundproof so she went home sad.

That night she had a dream that Athena tied her up in slave gear and fucked her till she dropped.

That weekend Lade and JT went to the cinema to see the latest king of boys movie. After the movie they went to the food court to grab something to eat. While they were waiting for their food, Athena walked into the restaurant.

“Oh shit” Lade cussed.

“What is wrong?”


JT turned her head to the direction of Lade’s eyes. “Do you know that person?”

Lade wanted to deny but she knew there was no point, it was only a matter of time before they’ll cross paths, probably when she was dropping Lade at home. “That’s Darth Vader.” Lade replied.

Lade had mentioned Athena to her girlfriend from the very first day she moved across the street. She also told her when she found out that she was a she not a he. What she failed to mention was that they were now good friends who hung out on a regular. She also failed to mention the fact that Darth Vader is gay and her real name is Athena.

“Wow, she is tall, and she looks like a dude.”

Lade nodded.

Fortunately for Lade, Athena didn’t notice them. But the fortune didn’t last long. As soon as they were done eating. JT insisted that they say hi to Athena. Lade tried to persuade her otherwise but JT didn’t listen. She walked up to Athena and said hi

Athena looked up from her food and smiled at them.

JT smiled back, Lade didn’t.

“Hi” Athena said

“Sorry to disturb you, babe told me you are her new neighbor so I thought to say hi to you.”

“Oh that’s fine.”

“My name is JT and it’s nice to meet you.”

“My name is Athena, nice to meet you too.”

JT froze “I am sorry, what did you say your name was?”


JT stared at Lade in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Lade didn’t say anything, she couldn’t even look at either one of them, she just stared at her shoes.

“You are a fucking cunt!” JT said angrily as she turned and left the restaurant.

Lade didn’t bother going after her, she pulled out the chair close to Athena and slumped in to it.

Athena was still very confused, she had stopped eating her food and was looking at Lade and waiting for an explanation. “What was that about?”


“Was it something I said or did?”

“No. It’s nothing. Can I go home with you? My ride just left me.”

“Sure” Athena signaled to the waiter for the check. She made payment and they both left the restaurant.

They said nothing to each other on the drive home. They got to their house and Athena paid the taxi.

They both got out of the taxi and Lade thanked Athena for letting her hitch a ride. She turned and walking into her house, but Athena pulled her back. “Are you going to tell me what is going on?”

Her voice was commanding, it sounded like it did when she was having sex with her friend. Lade swallowed the lump in her throat. “I…I made her role play.”

Athena waited for more info but got none, so she asked “What has that got to do with anything?”

“I played the role of a mortal while I made her play the role of the Greek goddess, Athena.”

Neither of them said anything after that, they just stared intensely at each other. The tension was so thick you could cut through it with a knife. Finally Athena spoke “I can see why she is mad.”

Lade felt very embarrassed. She turned and ran into her house. She avoided Athena after that. She tried apologizing to JT but she refused to pick her calls or reply her text.

On a fateful Sunday evening, Lade got a text from Athena. She wanted to know if Lade was done with her hard drive. Athena had given her the hard drive weeks ago. She was supposed to copy out movies but Lade forgot to return it. She didn’t want to see Athena, she was still not over the embarrassment.

She grabbed the hard drive and headed for Athena’s house. Her plan was to give her the hard drive without making eye contact and getting the hell out of there as fast as she could. She got to the front door and knocked. There was no answer, she turned the door knob and the door opened. She went in and found the living room empty, but she could hear Athena upstairs.

“I’ll be right there” Athena yelled.

Lade stood by the door waiting. A few seconds later, Athena came downstairs. “Nice to see you Lade, it’s been forever.”

“Yh, I have been busy.”

“Busy or avoiding me?”

Lade didn’t reply, she handed the hard drive to Athena and tried to leave.

“Wait. Before you leave, I’d like to show you something.”

Lade turned back.

“What?” She asked.

Athena went to her easel and turned it in Lade’s direction.

Lade saw a painting of herself. She was naked and laying on a bed of flowers. She had flowers covering her nipple and pussy.

She moved closer to examine the painting, Athena was standing closely behind. “Wow! This is beautiful, absolutely stunning.”

“I am glad you like it.”

“Why did you decide to cover my nipples and down there? Everyone else is completely naked.”

“That’s because I have not seen them before, I had to use my imagination.”

Lade swallowed hard. Athena was standing really close to her and it was making my pussy pulsate.

“Do you have to see them to paint them?”

“If I want to get it right, yes.”

Lade could feel her pant getting soaked, she needed to get out of there before she embarrasses herself a second time. “I guess the painting is fine this way.”

“Are you sure? I could paint a better picture if you want. All you just have to do is show me.”

God, why is this happening? Or is this even really happening? Could this be one of her very realistic daydreams? The last question was answered when Athena put her hands on Lade’s shoulders, brought her mouth close to her ear and whispered “would you like me to see your cunt?”

The question almost made Lade’s knee buckle. She wanted Athena to do more than see her cunt, she wanted her to fuck it good.

“Yes please” she replied in a very low voice.

“Very well then, show me.”

Lade started taking her clothes off without turning around. She took off her shirt and her shorts then Athena unhooked her bra and turned her around. She inspected her boobs, they were of moderate size, her areolas were brown and her nipples hard. Athena cupped a feel and kissed each boob. Then she bent down and started sliding off Lade’s panties. She pulled it all the way down and Lade raised her legs up one by one so Athena could take it off completely.

Athena picked up the panty, brought it close to her nose and inhaled deeply. Then she dropped the panty and dipped her finger into Lade’s pussy. She let it stay there for a few seconds. She rotated the finger a few times before pulling it out. Her hand was now covered in Lade’s juice. She proceeded to lick every drop of it.

Credit: Pinterest

“Tastes just how I imagined.” Lade closed her eyes and threw her head back. She wanted more, but she didn’t know how to say it. She stood there and waited for Athena’s next move. “Get dressed, I’ve seen enough.”

Lade’s eyes flung open, she wasn’t sure she heard Athena right. “Did you say I should get dressed?”

“Yes I did, I have seen enough for the painting. Or is the anything else you want?”

Lade wanted to scream yes, she wanted to tell Athena to fuck her like a slut but the only word that came out of her mouth was “No”

Lade went home confused about what had happened, she thought she was finally going to have Athena, but it turned out that she was wrong. The weird thing was everything that happened just made her want Athena more.

They didn’t see or speak for another two days then she got a text from Athena and the text said “come” there was no greeting, no other text, just “come”

Lade wanted to ignore the text but she was curious. So instead she took her time before going over. She knocked once and Athena opened.

“You are late”

“Late for what?”

“I told you you to come an hour ago”

“I was bus…”

Athena cut her short by placing a finger on her lips.

“Do not give me excuses, you were supposed to be here an hour ago, you deserve to be punished.” Athena moved closer and asked her “do you want me to punish you?”

Lade knew Athena was asking for her permission so she replied “Yes mistress.”


Athena went upstairs and yelled “Come!”

Lade quickly ran upstairs to meet her. There was a couple of bdsm gear on the bed , some Lade was familiar with and some that she wasn’t.

“Take your clothes off!” Athena commanded. Lade took off her clothes. Athena showed her a new painting and in this painting, she was fully naked. But she was cuffed and on her knees. “Do you know why you are like that?”

Lade shook her head

“It’s because you are a slut who needs to be punished. Now pick one.” Athena pointed to the table where seven strapons lay. Lade went up to it and picked one that was pinkish and semi big. “Is that what the little whore wants?”

Lade nodded.

“Very well then, let me have it.”

Lade watched as Athena put it on then she told Lade to go on her knees and start sucking.

Lade did as she was instructed, she went down on her knees, shoved the rubber cock in her mouth and started sucking.

“Oh yes you dirty little whore, suck my cock.”

Lade was still sucking when Athena grabbed her hair and pulled her back. “Do you really want me to punish you?”

“Yes mistress”

Athena slapped her face. She winced not because she was hurt, but because she wasn’t expecting it. “Are you sure you are ready for this punishment?”

“Yes mistress.”

Athena slapped her harder then dragged her up and pushed her to the bed. She turned her over, cuffed her hands and her legs. Then she spread her butt cheeks and dragged her tongue from the clit to her asshole over and over again.

Lade’s body was vibrating violently. The pleasure was driving her senses mad. This was the first time she was experiencing something like this. She begged JT once to hit her during sex but she refused because she didn’t want to hurt her. But this was not hurting that much, the pleasure was overriding the pain.

Athena stopped licking her pussy and grabbed a whip. “Tell me Slut, why did you role play with my name?”

Lade didn’t know how to answer to that question. Athena whipped her and asked again, this time louder.

“Cos I wanted you to fuck me.”

Athena whipped her again “only sluts do that, only a dirty little whore thinks of another woman when she is with her woman. You are a dirty cunt who deserves punishment.”

Athena continued to whip her and as much as Lade was enjoying being whipped, she also wanted to be fucked so she screamed “fuck me mistress”

Athena stopped whipping and asked. “What did you say?”

“Please fuck me mistress.”

“Tell me what you are and why you are here.”

“I am a dirty little cunt who deserves to be punished” Lade said breathlessly.

Athena rammed her cock into Lade’s pussy and kept on ramming while Lade screamed.

“Yh slut, scream for me! Tell me what you are.”

”I am a dirty little slut.”

Athena moaned. She rested on Lade’s back and grabbed her boobs. “Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours mistress.”

Athena moaned again. She pulled out of Lade, un cuffed her and made her lay on her back. She grabbed both boobs and started fondling them. While she kissed Lade. Then she slid down to her pussy and started eating it like a starved animal. Lade was moaning very loudly. Athena asked again “whose pussy is this?”

“Yours mistress.”

“Lade look at me” Lade opened her eyes and looked at Athena. “ whose pussy is this?”

“Yours Athena.”

Athena smiled. “Good girl.”

She slid her cock back into Lade’s wet cunt and fucked her till she was screaming her name over and over again.

“Athena, I am about to cum.”

“That’s my girl. Go ahead.”

Athena wrapped her hands around Lade and quickened her pace. “Your pussy is mine and mine alone, you belong to me, I own you. No one is allowed to touch you or you cunt ever again. Understood.”

“I understand.” Lade said through clenched teeth as she started climaxing. “I belong to you and only you Athena.”

Athena let out a moan as she collapsed on Lade.

Disclaimer: This is my first time writing about this topic. I have no experience and I got nothing from research. So please bear with me (Insert smiley face emoji) this is more of a fantasy.

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